country in my genes

met o.a. country in my genes, saturday night, I'm a little bit lonely, stuck like glue, the only thing, I'm gonna be a country girl again, little white church, I could love a man like that, joy's gonna come in the morning, party girl in a one horse town, do you still wanna buy me a drink, feeling...

one lucky break

met o.a. one lucky break, in between dances, come on, feel right, walk on, how can I unlove you, mexican wind, it happens, we're all gonna die someday, home to louisiana, indigo moon, when the going gets tough, giddy on up, not that far away

true love

met o.a. true love, she believes in me, that's why they call it for a reason, world of hurt, this is the life, let your momma go, i lied i couldn't leave you if i tried, except for monday, rose of my heart, let your love flow, listen to a country song, get your feet down

my music

met o.a. listen to the music, somewhere between, never return enz...